BP Benefits Body Cleanser 10%

The 2.5% strength is discontinued & no longer available

BP Benefits Body Cleanser is excellent at both cleansing the skin and delivering anti-bacterial action to fight off body acne. We especially recommend it as a post workout body wash to remove sweat, dirt and bacteria.

• Noncomedogenic  
• Paraben Free  
• Not Tested on Animals  
• Made in USA

*Contains Fragrance

Size: 6 oz

This product used alone will not clear up acne. If you are a first time customer, I highly recommend purchasing an acne kit (worldwide shipping is available) for best results. The kit comes with the necessary products and instructions you will need in order to be successful in clearing up your acne.

*Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. The information associated with our products should not be considered medical advice. A licensed physician should be consulted for the treatment of all ailments or diseases.