Retinyl-A Radiance Serum


This retinoid serum is a serious game changer for your skincare routine. It combines the power of Retinyl Propionate with peptides and niacinamide to give the skin a more youthful appearance and improves post acne marks and spots.

Stand Out Ingredients

Retinyl Propionate - a gentle, yet potent derivative of retinoid acid. It's molecule is small enough to penetrate into the layers of the skin to work it's magic, but still large enough to minimize irritation unlike other retinoids. It helps resolve post blemish dark marks, unclogs pores, reduces appearance of fine lines, and boosts collagen production.

Niacinamide - has soothing and calming properties, helps to diminish post acne discoloration, reduces oil production, and improves skin's elasticity.

Peptides - Some call peptides "natural botox" or "botox in a jar" because they can help relax expression wrinkles and fine lines.

• Noncomedogenic
• Paraben Free  
• Has a Natural, Inherent Scent
• Never Tested on Animals  
Made in USA

Size: .5 oz


Best used after the skin is clear and in the maintenance phase. We do not recommend it during the clearing phase while there is constant acne occuring and you are still increasing the strength of your skincare routine as outlined in the Kit Manual.

For specific instructions on how to incorporate Retinyl-A Radiance Serum into your Carm Acne Skincare night time routine, check out this guide.

Dryness, flaking skin and possible purging can occur as skin acclimates to retinoids. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

*Pregnancy/nursing: this product contains a retinoid.
*Color & viscosity variations are normal due to nature of Retinyl Propionate.